Top 10 Advantages of Ubuntu Operating system


It is always at the top of most Linux-related lists. Ubuntu is Debian-based and is undoubtedly the leading standard in the industry. Ease of installation quality

commercial support and excellent hardware discovery means Ubuntu’s standards is hard to match.

1. Ubuntu is user-friendly:

Ubuntu Operating system is Linux-based systems, it is very easy and any person with basic knowledge of computers can setup his/her system. Ubuntu can run on

older hardware far better than Windows.

2. Ubuntu is free:

Ubuntu and many of the applications it runs are free, millions of people wherever they are in the world are able to use affordable computers that run not just an

efficient OS, but also properly-developed applications.

3 Better User Interface:

A much better interface with HUD which believes that everyone is not using a touch based monitor.

4. Runs Without Installing:

For Testing we can run it from a DVD or a Pen Drive with which it can act as a portable OS to be used on systems for which we are not sure about the security


5.More Secure:

Ubuntu is not immune to security flaws but it is built from its kernel up with more emphasis on operating techniques to cover for the recklessness of her not so

tech-inclined users.

6. Resources:

Ubuntu consumes lesser resources and thus is somewhat faster as compared to windows. This can also be used to revive older systems which can not cope up

with requirements that windows places on it’s users.


The font rendering is much better (infinality patches) or at least at par with windows.(even the defaults look better without the patch).

8. Themeing:

It can be changed to the core as compared to windows in which only some elements of UI or the wallpaper and screen saver are changeable.

9. Cost:

Ubuntu is free while you are paying for windows, buy a laptop without an operating system and install Ubuntu on it. It would save money while providing the

same quality. Although you can donate if you feel like.

10.Open Source:

Linux has it’s source code available at torvalds/linux using it we know that we are using code audited by multiple authorities and people unlike windows where

many loopholes might still exist which can be used to exploit it.

Hosting companies like Silicon House offers various flavours of OS and one of the flavour is ubuntu. It is available both in dedicated server and enterprise cloud stack also. Many customers review says ubunut is one of the suitable for application.

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