Top 10 Best Backup Software for Windows:

1. EASUS Todo Backup:

EASUS Todo Backup is one the most Software for Windows,the software allows you to encrypt the full system images that can be compressed at a fairly high

level so as to occupy less space on the disk.

2. Comodo Backup:

Comodo Backup is one of the best free backup solutions available in the market today for home users.

3. AOMEI Backupper Standard:

The software also offers password protection and full encryption, and has is the ability to mount a backed-up image as a virtual local drive, which allows users to

explore the image just like a standard Windows installation.

4. Paragon Backup and Recovery:

Paragon Backup and Recovery comes with much the same set of features as the ones above it on the list, but it does have a cool little trick up its sleeve unlike

some of its competitors.

5. Genie Timeline Free:

Genie Timeline Free easily has one of the most user-friendly interfaces among all the programs listed here (bar one, we’ll come to that later) on the list.

6. Free Easis Drive Cloning:

The backs up not just the sectors with actual data but also the free sectors in a disk, which means, backing up a 250GB partition with just 10GB of data will

actually result in a 250GB image file.

7. Personal Backup:

If data backup is all you want, you should take a look at Personal Backup, which can backup your data on a local disk, and external drive, a network device or an

FTP server.

8. Crashplan:

Crashplan has quite a few options that are aimed at the enterprise, but it does offer a free option that works well for the home user.

9. Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows:

Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows is a fairly long name for what was originally released a couple of years ago as Veeam Endpoint Backup Free.

10. HDClone Free:

HDClone Free does offer its users a free edition, but it’s severely handicapped in terms of its features as compared to the paid versions.