Top 10 Best Features of Dedicated Server

Silicon House proving best offers in Dedicated server Platform. Here we can see the top 10 best features of dedicated servers.

1.Auto SSL
 An Auto SSL Certificate is a new feature available with cPanel for free to make website safer. This SSL is automatically given with a hosting plan

2.Firewall customization

In dedicated server, you can set you own custom firewall rules and then you can able to allow the specified IP’s which you need.

3. Hostname Change

A special feature in which the client can change his own hostname at his end.


An important feature which is backup , in dedicated server the client will get 1 TB secondary drive which is purely for the backup purpose , he can maintain at his end.

5.Account suspension

An Extra feature, the client will get the privilege to suspend his reseller account clients.


A valuable feature which is , in dedicated server the client will get full root and shell access so he can install any kind of application at his end itself.

7.Remote mysql

In dedicated server, he can connect the remote mysql where in shared server it is not possible

8. Operating system choices

One of the factors in choosing a dedicated hosting solution is the freedom to have your own choice of operating system.

9. Control panel options

Great control panels make it much easier to manage your server and the applications which you run on it.


you will get next-generation firewalls, intrusion prevention, web app security, DDoS protection, and malware and virus prevention. In addition, they should also provide SSL certificates, dedicated IP addresses and spam filtering.

Server security

The server is pre-hardened with prevention as well as intrusion detection system

1. Firewall
2. Brute For Detection
3. System Integrity Monitor
5. Rootkit Checks

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