Top 10 Best Features in Direct Admin control panel

Silicon House provides the Direct admin control panel. Directadmin control panel has many features and it is easy to use for resellers and user too.

1. Create Administrator :
In this feature, admin can create an extra admin or else a resellers. It is a simple feature to create an extra admin

2. Create Reseller :
Under this feature , Admin can create an n number of resellers. They can easily edit the reseller package under this feature.

3. List user
Admin can view all the users which created under the create reseller features. It is used for the admin to easily specify the user

4. RV SITE builder Installer :
Siliconhouse provides the free RV Site builder , by using this feature , user can able to design their own design for their sites.

5. MIME Type :
In direct admin we can add the MIME type which is called  a media type (also known as a Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions or MIME type) is a standard that indicates the nature and format of a document, file, or assortment of bytes.

6. Customize Evolution Skin :
Under this Features, Admin can able to change the panel structures like they can modify the features arrangements.

7. Change the Language
Under this feature, admin and reseller can able to change the language of panel like they can able to set spanish, french, English etc.

8. Add SPF record :
In directadmin panel, we can able to add SPF Record which is used for the mail authentication in the reseller panel.

9. Complete Usage statics :
Under this feature , Admin can able to see the full usage like bandwidth, diskspace. FTP Accounts, Emails storage, etc.
We can able to see the usage for that whole server.

10. System Info:
Admin can able to view and analyze,cpus count currently running in the server, Memory information and the services which are currently running in the server.

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