Top 10 Best Features in Firewall security for servers

Silicon house provides the server with Firewall. It is mainly used to prevent the network or servers from the unauthorized access.

1. Web filtering

It is as like content filtering, it i one of the software programs that It monitor the dt pocket which I send and receive. by doing thi we can filter by compromising content like which i forbidden or flagged, this rule c be stop access to any potentially threatening, unsecure site. It is also used in companie to prevent the employee who is accessing some kind of site like social media

2. Logging
In log , we can consior the up to time information happening on your network.after the analysis ,it shows you what vulnerabilities or attacks are happening.

3. Sandboxing
It is a key feature in firewall like it protects  the data from the end user. It takes the file which i downloaded by you, then it opens the file , run it and scan it and looks for malware or activity that is suspicious. By using this you are in protected environment away from the end user

4. Integrated wireless controller
Firewall with Integrated wireless controller i mainly used for save the money and bring all of your policies and control into one place or platform.

5. Malware and virus filtering

Next generation firewalls are always filtering for malware, new and old, and are your perimeter defense mechanisms. This includes scanning for viruses, compromised websites, files containing viruses, bot nets trying to hack you, man-in-the-middle attacks―you name it! They can even scan encrypted traffic, such as SSL and TLS connections, to make sure they are safe and trusted.

6. CISCO Adapative Security Appliance
CISCO Adapative Security Appliance with Fire Power provides shield protection from advanced threats and malwares.


It provides next generation intrusion detection and protection. One key advantage in CISCO ASA devices is that the Application Visibility Control, which can act as a Intrusion Prevention System at the application level from known vulnerabilities.

8. Dedicated Hardware Firewalls
 Dedicated Hardware Firewalls provide state of the art security standing in the edge of the network. This allows a hardware firewall to scan every packet. A dedicated firewall will also free up the resources of the servers when compared software firewalls.

9. Remote VPN
Secure Enterprise Network access from devices such as laptop, mobile, desktop from multiple locations using CISCO AnyConnect. It allows to access your remote servers from your local network like a local machine via VPN Tunnel.

10. Site to Site SSL VPN
Site to Site SSL VPN allows your CISCO ASA device to tunnel with remote CISCO ASA devices of third parties [ like API service providers, Payment Gateway Providers, Even your own CISCO device in another location ]. For instance,

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