Top 10 Best Features in Reseller Directadmin panel

Siliconhouse provides you the Directadmin panel. In directadmin panel, we are getting 3 access level admin, reseller and user.

Silicon House provides the directadmin panel and we can see about the features in Reseller Directadmin panel

1. New user package
Resellers can able to create a new user under their account .We can easily create a new user package with package name, bandwidth, diskspace, inodes, domains, subdomains, email accounts, email forwarders etc.

2. Copy the files or folders
Silicon House is providing DirectAdmin control panel, in this panel we can able to copy the files or folders from one path to another path for their reseller accounts [ Client accounts ]

3. Set the default nameservers
In directadmin panel we can set the default name servers, so resellers can able to do that. Default Nameservers are the nameservers people use if they ONLY register a domain name, without purchasing web hosting services. The Default Nameservers allow the user to set up web redirects, email forwards, and even DNS records (A, MX, etc.).

4. Spamassassin setup :
In direct admin we can access the spamassassin setup is a standard system that indicates the nature and format of a Blocked email and whitelist the email.

5. Manage your user backups
Reseller can able to manage the user backups. We can manage the users backups as monthly and yearly too.

6. File upload :
The file manager allows you to fully interact with the server’s file system.  You can navigate folders, copy files, move files, rename files, delete files, change file permissions, create new folders, create new files, and upload files through your web browser.

7. Limit the creation of email id :
Reseller Web Hosting Linux is provided with DirectAdmin control panel using which you can set the email sending limit per email id for the domain for a Reseller Account.

8. Move the files or folders :
Under the File manager option , as a reseller they can able to move the files or folders from one path to another path (User’s Files).

9. Install Open Cart :
In directadmin panel, resellers can able to install the Open cart system , which is used for the users who wants the shopping cart system

10. Add/change MX record :
As a reseller, we can able to add or change the MX records. This can be done under the DNS Management system.

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