Top 10 Best Features in the WHMCS billing software

Silicon House offers WHMCS Billing Software to our resellers who have active hosting account. Now you can streamline your hosting business with WHMCS automated billing tool

Control Panel Operations

Users can link WHMCS to hosting control panels including WHM, cPanel, Plesk, XPanel, and Helm, their VPS and other critical services needed for their hosting business.

Account Setup and Suspension

Once a user pays, WHMCS triggers account setup and can suspend accounts if payment is not received. It also has a nifty pro-rata function that syncs up everyone’s billing dates.

Support and Social Media Functions

In terms of support, WHMCS handles your announcements, social media feeds, knowledge base and ticketing system. The help desk area is surprisingly good, given that it’s not the main focus of the tool.

WHMCS Friendly Themes

In addition, there are a number of themes available coded specifically to integrate with WHMCS. However, theme developers often abandon niche theme projects such as WHMCS/WordPress integration.

Accepting Payments

They can also take payments through a dizzying number of gateways; PayPal, 2Checkout, Google, Amazon, Skrill, PayPoint, Nochex and other recognized brands are supported, as are many small providers – and bank transfer payments.

Mobile access

WHMCS we can able to intergarte it in mobile also . It is very comptaible in the mobile and we can intergarte all the mobiles, laptops and tabs etc.

Automatic reminders

In the billing system it automatically make the reminder in the portal. Like theinvoices are all sent automatically if we have set any particular time previously. If the customer have paid, then the invoices will change automatically

Customizable reporting

In the WHMCS panel, we can easily analysis the client status and reporting work also very easy like the top 10 clients we can view in this portal, how many clients we are currently maintaing , how many clients are active , how many clients are inactive, etc


In the whmcs panel , the customers can pay by using any one of the currency like he can pay via card or else payment gateways. He can pay by all the currency like India rupees, dollar etc.

Branding license

The license which includes a Powered by WHMCS notice displayed on all client facing pages. If you dont want this you need to buy no branding WHMCS license

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