Top 10 best Features of Cloud Linux OS

Siliconhouse provides the Linux Reseller Web Hosting is powered by DirectAdmin. Cloud Linux OS offers better protection and individual website isolation with CageFS and LVE manager.

  1. Security :
    In shared hosting , the hackers can easily hack the system especially in linux , it happen many times. So for stop this kind of hacking in the linux , cloud linux os is introduced, by using CageFS and secure link technologies . So by using this technology we can prevent the data of the users. One user account is cannot seen by others.
  2. Performance features :
    If we install the cloud linux os in the server, it act very fast because many powerful features that greatly optimize performance of your server. Like mod_Lsapi is very faster than php and apache.
  3. Stability
    In cloud linux OS, stability is very good because of kernel level technology, it is used to isolates each tenant into their own environment and providers them with the limited number of the resources.
  4. Resources :
    By installing the cloud linux os in the server , used to split the data and the resources and then allocate to the customer like cpu, io, memory and the processes. If one single account exceeds the limit then it automatically notify in the server. So it can be easily identified and increase the limit
  5. On demand self service :
    One of the best feature in the cloud linux os is the user can monitor the server up time, capabilities and allotted network usage continuously in the server.
  6. Easy maintenance :
    One of the key feature is the server is easily maintain and the downtime issue is low. The updates are more compatible with the devices and perform faster than older ones along with the bugs which are fixed.
  7. Control panel :
    Most of the users using the cloud linux os in the cPanel but currently, in directadmin and plesk panel also it improve the compatibility and features in this panel too. We expect it to drastically improve the usability of CloudLinux when used with those control panels.
  8. Improve the language support :
    The key feature in the cloud linux os is , it is supports the many languages like Ruby, python and NodeJS. So in linux based mosly the users php , still the php is withstand in the linux based hosting along with it supports the Ruby, python and NodeJS languages.
  9. Simplified LVE Manager – we know it’s complex and doesn’t let you manage MySQL Governor, and CageFS is managed from another screen. We are reworking it with painful attention to details. It should become easy to configure every aspect of CloudLinux OS – and easy to see what is going on.
  10. Installing PHP Selector
    PHP Selector is a CloudLinux component that sits on top of CageFS. It allows each user to select PHP version and module based on their needs. In order for the PHP Selector to work it requires an account to have CageFS enabled.

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