Top 10 Best Features of Control Panel in Web hosting

Silicon house provides the control panels like plesk, cPanel and directadmin panel in reseller hosting and dedicated server .

1. Create the user
By using the control panel , the reseller or admin can create an new user. It is helpful to do the reselling by their own and then earn more profit from the limited expenses .

2. Managing mailing system  
User and the reseller can  create  many email id under their account and can able to limit some specifications under your account. It is also preventing spams.

3. Complete DNS settings
Siliconhouse provides the facility to the user to set the private name server. Like they can set the own DNS. We can provide the fully white labled hosting in hosting.

4. Database management system
In control panel, we can manage the full database system like MySQL, MSSQL ,postgresSQL and many sql features. Sql which links the database with the servers.

5. Application development
Silicon house provides the control panel cPanel, Directadmin control panel, Ubuntu and the plesk based panel by using this , developers or the users can able to do any type of deploy in the panel. In dedicated server, the full application development is possible.

6. Backup management :
All the control panel provides the complete Backup management. It is one of the key feature in the control panel. We can take the backup for daily basics or monthly basics. So based on the user we can manage the account.

7. Logfiles management and reporting
By montioring the server , we can take the log files by using the control panel. Logfiles is mainly used for tracking the server activites. So if any hacking occured we can able to find easily and manage all the solutions here.

8. Plugins and the ability to install other services and apps.
In server side we can install our own applications by using the root and shell access via the control panel. So many plugins and they have the ability to install other services and apps.

9. File Manager
It is mainly used for replace the FTP software applictaion, we can able upload the file, replace the file , redirects the path and also download the file. It is an management program with a greaphical interface.

10. Sub domains
In all the control panel, we can manage and support the sub domains. We can add the sub domains under the main domains, it is mainly for the users to many features under the account.