Top 10 Best Features of Plesk Panel

Windows Reseller Web Hosting is powered by Plesk Panel. Windows OS offers a very stable and secured environment for web hosting.

  1. Highly Compatible
    Most of the developers select the online control panel by keeping ease of use as their top priority.
  2. Self Repair tools :
    In many panel , if the problem occures , need the manual help to solve the problem but in Plesk panel helps you to recover the data automatically and it has the resolving capacity. By using this the sustem autoamtically repair the technical issue without support
  3. Strong Server and Site Security
    Plesk panel has the strongest security patchesthat including the operating system as well as the applications and network. Plesk panel is built mainly conisdering security. So it gives the sites which prevents from the high risk threat of hacking.
  4. Flexibility :
    Plesk offers full root access to your project via SSH that helps you to make the most of every project. This indicates that you can install any third-party, open source or custom applications required for your business improvement.
  5. Advanced Monitoring
    Advanced Monitoring helps you stay in the loop regarding server and site availability. So you can get to the heart of any issues.
  6. Backup Optimizations
    In plesk panel backup the server to cloud storage requires additional free disk space not for the entire space. This has made operations faster on backups that are stored remotely. For example, you can now remove backups stored in the cloud four times quicker than before.’
  7. Continuous Enhancement :
    Plesk keeps a track on the developer market in order to find new ways for creating secure, efficient and fast infrastructure. In the online portal plesk panel is available in 32 languages.
  8. Introduction of Extension Catalogue :
    Users can just tap into array of powerful extensions. You can select the extensions from GitHub, WordPress toolkits, Docker and NGINX. You simply need to click on the extension tab and browse to select your option.
  9. Easy-to-Use Website Builder
    Build online stores with secure checkout features, add a blog or product listing functions and share your thought-leadership every day. Even beginners that have no or very little knowledge of website-building can use this control panel.
  10. Allows to Install Applications
    Plesk can also help you in designing a futuristic application for your customers. Apart from just offering control for website building, it also offers various unique features for helping you in designing your desired website.

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