Top 10 features in Domain control panel

  1. Reseller Control Panel: Silicon House Domain Reseller Account comes with control panel that enables you to handle key functions of your domain business such as adding customers, sub-resellers, invoicing, email reminders, email marketing, managing domain functions etc.

Fully brand-able storefront which can be plugged in to your website, allows you to sell domains instantly in your own domain name.

API allows you to integrate with your billing systems such as WHMCS etc

Mega offers from time to time allows you to always stay ahead of the competition.

Along with each domain name you also get;

  1. Domain Control Panel
    You will have complete control over your domain thorough our easy to use control panel. Manage key features of your domain name using this control panel.
  2. Domain Theft Lock
    You can lock your domain to prevent it from being transferred away from you maliciously.
  3. Privacy Protection
    Enable privacy protection for your domain names so that spammers cannot abuse you by harvesting your email in WHOIS database. [Some tlds, does not support this feature]
  4. Total DNS Management
    You can perform vital DNS functions such as changing name servers, create personal dns using your domain control panel itself.
  5. Bulk Tools
    Bulk domain registration, renewal, modifying bulk domains is now easy using Bulk Tools.

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