Top 10 Features in Enterprise Cloud Stack Servers

Enterprise Grade Cloud Server Hosting with complete stack of Compute, Storage, Load Balancers, Firewall, DNS, Database and Hybrid with Bare Metal Servers. Spin Up hundreds of Enterprise Cloud Instances instantly.

1. Enterprise Cloud Stack
Cloud Servers specifically designed for running Enterprise Applications. The distributed architecture of compute, network & storage provides a very stable performance.

2. Easy to Use
Enterprise Cloud Server Hosting is easy to use. Widely used Centos Flavour comes with FREE Directadmin panel which allows you setup domains, database, emails in a click.

3. Scalable
Spin thousands of cloud servers instantly. You can scale RAM, Disk Space, CPU, Bandwidth whenever you wish. Multiple Zones options provides High Availability.

4. Access Privilege
Cloud Server Hosting comes with full root access with unlimited domain hosting. You can install any application developed by you with full administrative privilege

5.Operating System
Cheapest cloud server hosting plans comes with various flavors of Operating System like CentOS, Ubuntu, Suse, Debian.

6. Control Panel
Centos based cloud servers come with FREE Directadmin panel. This allows hosting unlimited domains, emails, databases in a click.

7. Large Network Access
By the help of network and the device, the user can access the data of the cloud or else they can upload the data to the cloud from anywhere . All are accessed and this capabilities are all available with the help of internet.

8. Automatic System
In the cloud server, we can monitor and automatically analyze the data needed and support a metering capability at level of services . This automatic systems, provide the  transparency for the host and also the clients.

9. Economical
It is a one time investment as the company has to buy the storage and also from a small part of it can be resell to other companies . So it is useful to the host to save their money from the yearly or monthly. The investment is only basic maintenance alone. So we can get the more gain from very less amount of investment.

10. Security
It is one of the most valuable features in cloud computing. It creates a copy of the data stored so here data lost is not possible even the servers get damaged. And also the data is stored within the storage device so the data is more secure and it is not even hacked by anyone. 

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