Top 10 important steps for the video streaming server

Video Conferencing, Webinars, Web Meetings are the new norms of an efficient organization. It allows key stakeholders like the management, employees and customers to meet and engage instantly online. But, at a fraction of the cost actually incurred offline.

1. Video Conferencing Servers are powered by state of the art hardware and premium bandwidth network allowing seamless performance.

2. Enterprise Video Conferencing Servers are built with state-of-the-art server hardware specifically built for higher stability to handle Audio/Video Conferences.

Premium Bandwidth Network allows you to have uniform conferencing speed across the globe.

Powered by Ubuntu OS, Enterprise Video Conferencing Servers come with end to end encryption for enhanced meeting security.

3. Screen Sharing

Video Conferencing is enabled with Screen Sharing. Screen Sharing allows you to share a particular screen in your desktop [ like a browser ] or the entire desktop to your participants.

Screen Sharing also comes in handy while making a live demonstration. For example : Software Installation or Troubleshooting etc.

4. Fully Loaded Features

Enterprise Video Conferencing Server can be customized and fully white labelled in your own domain with your own SSL Certificates.

Allow / Disallow Mic and Camera as you wish.

You can adjust the quality of the video based on your bandwidth availability to Low Definition / SD / HD.

Your video conferencing interface allows you to chat with other participants too. You can chat, share emoji etc in your web chat.

5. Video Conferencing App

You can now join your Video Conferencing Meeting using a video conferencing app.

App can also enable you to quickly join predefined meetings without typing any url.

App can also be used for streaming an event from your mobile app to all the meeting participants or can be live streaming to open public users too.

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