Top 10 reasons for server crashed in websites

Siliconhouse explains the reason for the server crashed in the website

1.  Network problems

Due to slow network issue, the server gets crashed, it is not due to the server it is due to client side. In this case most of times client side network problem.

2. Configuration error

Bugs are also found due to wrong technique of configuration. One must always have backups so as to avoid scenarios like permanent deletion due to manual mistakes. The server needs to be configured again with the help of those who are experienced in handling bugs.

3. Overheating

 Overheating can hamper the server’s functioning and can lead to crashes. This is why server rooms are kept in a highly air conditioned room.

4. Backups

It is important to always keep a backup but at the same time it causes troubles of sluggishness because significant amount of CPU gets consumed. The server may also get frozen. You will need technical assistance in this case to fix this issue as well in advance.

5. Hardware problems

 Those who are new to business and own a website(s) for the first time think that it is the RAM, processors or hard disk that is causing the problem but this is not so. If it was true every website would be running absolutely fine.

6. System overload

Imagine your website all of a sudden gains popularity which is indeed a good news and a nightmare at the same time.

7. Hackers

One of the easiest hackers attacks is called a DDoS, or Distributed Denial of Service attack. This means the hacker overwhelms your website with traffic from all kinds of sources. If the hacker is successful, your website will crash.

8. Service Provider Error

A web hosting service providers are what make your website show up on the internet. You can’t have a website unless it is being hosted, or in the simplest way to put it stored, by a service provider.

9.  Domain Error

Your domain name is the address to your website. If you invited someone over to your house but didn’t give them the address, they wouldn’t be able to find the house. The same thing happens with a domain name. If people can’t find your domain, they can’t find your website.

10.  Virus Attacks

Attacks are the other extreme a website crash. These attacks could be from bots or actual people maliciously trying to hack into your website.
There are a lot of bots on the internet, and a lot of them carry virus software. They are like the insects of the internet. They crawl around the internet and try to find websites they can break into.

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