Top Steps to create a cPanel user account in WHM

Siliconhouse provides the dedicated server with cPanel based server. We can create many cPanels under the server and be able to resell the reseller hosting in the dedicated server. Hereby we will discuss how to create a user in the cPanel based server. As a starter, this article is very much used. Follow the below steps for creating an user account in cPanel server, in addition to we can see how to setup the password and specify service which is available for users

How to create a cPanel user account in WHM ?

1. Login the WHM by using the username and password which is given by the provider
2. Click on Account Functions in the WHM panel
3. In the Account Functions, we could see the Create a New Account option , click that option
4. The steps to be followed for add user
      * Enter the domain name eg.
      * Set the user name , which we can give any one of the name
      *  Set the password by our own (need to set tough password by using numerical letters, symbols, capital letters and number)
      * Enter the email id which is used by the user
5. Select the packages which you are going to give to your user in the option of choose package. We can enable and disable the options which is available in the feature details
6. .Once you have done all the above steps, click the Create button at the bottom of the page. The new user account will now be created.